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It's finally here! A re-release of the album recorded by Highway in 1975 now on CD. Includes four previously unreleased songs and never before seen pictures. The CD is made to look like the original record.

"This has been a labor of love putting this together." says guitarist Steve Murphy. ""I really felt because I wrote and performed the songs that I needed to be involved in the remake."

(Steve Murphy)   TOO MANY CHANGES
(Steve Murphy)   LOOK AWAY
(Steve Murphy)   PEGASUS
(Steve Murphy)   SEEMS TO ME

(Steve Murphy)   IT WON'T LAST LONG
(Steve Murphy)   DAYS GO BY
  SIDE 2
BRIGHT SIDE   (Steve Murphy)
MEADOW   (Steve Murphy)
SLIP AWAY   (Steve Murphy)
TOMORROW   (Steve Murphy)

LADY LUCK   (Steve Murphy)
MY MUSIC   (Steve Murphy)

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Highway the CD
HIGHWAY project repaved @ Two Fish Studios
Thanks to Wes Schuck, Luke Harper, and Santiago Fernandez-Gimenez